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    In the Philippines, initiatives to combat plastic pollution have been in place for a long time. More and more brands are joining initiatives like these brands we will be showing you, which aims to reduce the plastic footprint in communities. But, since it is nearly impossible to eliminate single-use packaging from our lives, it will be at least beneficial to convert them into something useful rather than discarding them immediately. 
  • Is your reef-safe sunscreen truly reef-safe?

    Coral reefs, those incredibly beautiful and vital living structures, are under increasing threat all over the world, owing primarily to climate change. We are learning that sunscreen, by causing and exacerbating coral bleaching, can also contribute to the loss of coral reefs. The government does not strictly regulate the term "reef safe" because there is no agreed-upon definition. This means that sunscreen manufacturers are not required to test and demonstrate that their products are not harmful to aquatic life.
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