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Embrace Your Luscious Curls With MAGWAI’s CGM-Friendly Haircare

The search for the perfect sustainable CGM-friendly routine is over! Maintain beautifully defined curls, minus the hair-damaging ingredients and earth-polluting plastic.

From eliminating frizz to maintaining healthy hair, finding the right products for your curls can be difficult. And to make things harder, there are even fewer options that are eco-friendly. But what if we told you…. the search is over!? 

MAGWAI’s curly hair-friendly and plastic-free products are right here waiting for you! We offer shampoo bars and conditioner blends that are:

  • Free of sulfates, parabens, or drying alcohols, which can potentially damage curly hair. 
  • Moisturizing and pH-balanced, giving your hair the perfect nourishment.
  • Non-greasy, so your curls don’t get weighed down and lose their definition.

We offer a couple of options when choosing your shampoo bar. Of course, you can’t go wrong with either choice, but let us help you make the right one for you!

  1. Scalp Soother

    Having itchy problems? This has as natural oils designed to keep your scalp clean and dandruff-free. 

  2. Soft and Silky

    If you’re struggling with dryness and dullness, this will transform your hair into smooth, shiny curls!

  3. Purple Shampoo Bar

    For our bleached curly girls, this eliminates any brass tones, making way for gorgeous blonde locks. If you love dyeing your hair, experts especially recommend avoiding sulfate-formulated shampoo, as these make colors fade more easily. The MAGWAI Purple Shampoo Bar is a good sulfate-free option!

  4. Conditioner Blend

    Now that you have chosen the perfect shampoo bar for, it’s time to condition! MAGWAI’s conditioner is:

    • Silicone-free, keeping curls hydrated without weighing them down.
    • Glycerin-free. While this ingredient can benefit the hair, professionally reviewed articles suggest that in humid environments like the Philippines, glycerin can make your curls absorb too much moisture, making them limp or frizzy.
Experience the MAGWAI Magic with your fellow curly sustainable girlies. 

Even our curly-haired team members, including Maffy — one of MAGWAI’s founders — swear by these products to keep their curls defined and healthy. If you’re looking for a plastic-free and CG-approved hair routine, then now’s the time!



UnLOCK beautiful curls today by finding MAGWAI at any Watsons store near you, or shopping at, Shopee, or Lazada. Can’t wait for you to experience those gorgeous curls!