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Everyday Protection With No Compromises: MAGWAI’s Sheer Mineral Sunscreen

Introducing MAGWAI’s New and Incredible Formula!

Protecting the health of your skin is an important act of self-love. Dermatologists have highlighted the importance of wearing sunscreen as a daily part of your skincare routine. However, we have found that finding an environmentally friendly sunscreen product can be difficult with reef-toxic chemicals like oxybenzone appearing in the formula of many sunscreens on the market, resulting in the bleaching of the ocean’s colorful corals. Here at MAGWAI, we are proud to introduce the Sheer Mineral Sunscreen, our fresh and new product that can easily be worn day-to-day as your skincare sidekick! We have created all of our products such that the environmental impact of their use is not compromised by their amazing quality and we are so excited to tell you more about what our new addition has to offer.

Lightweight Wear with Heavy Protection

Our beloved Reef-Safe Sunscreen has undergone a transformation! With a new and upgraded formula, our Sheer Mineral Sunscreen offers a reformulation of our previous sunscreen that will still provide amazing cruelty-free protection to our amazing users whilst also keeping skin safe with our excellent 50+ SPF protection. New to the Sheer Mineral Sunscreen, our product’s lightweight formula leaves a radiant and sheer appearance on the skin, meaning you can benefit from its strong protection every day without the heavy and unpleasant feeling that traditional sunscreens often leave behind.


Say Goodbye to White Cast in Six Easy Swipes

Say goodbye to the pesky white cast too! Mineral sunscreens are ideal for those who want a way to protect their skin from daily life without the discomfort of being smothered by a thick sunscreen that leaves a hard-to-remove white cast residue on your skin after application. Whether you’re getting ready for a day out in the sun or a splash in the sea, our Sheer Mineral Sunscreen leaves significantly less white cast than the common sunscreen. With the new formula, our sunscreen can disappear with 6 quick and easy swipes, making it the next simple addition to your skincare routine or when you need an extra added shield when going about your day-to-day activities.

Gentle Protection that’s Dermatologically Approved

Ticking all the boxes, our new formula sunscreen is truly the sunscreen of your dreams! Our formula is mineral-based so it does not contain harmful chemicals for your skin. This means it is perfect for any skin type, no matter whether your skin is oily, dry or acne-prone. A gentle formula that packs a punch when it comes to protecting skin, our formula is hypoallergenic and has been tested by a certified dermatologist so you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands!

Our Commitment to the Ocean

We haven’t made any compromises with our promise to protect marine life too! MAGWAI was built on our duty to preserve the beautiful oceans around us. It is our responsibility to create products that both protect our customers and the planet. With the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute supporting our claims that our Sheer Mineral Sunscreen is safe for coral reefs, you can happily use our sunscreen whilst knowing that you're contributing to the efforts of looking after our amazing planet! Learn more about the Science of our Sunscreen on our website.

Where to Find Us

Upgrade your sunscreen game and purchase our product through the MAGWAI website, Shopee, or Lazada. We can’t wait for you to try!