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Where to Donate Your Plastic Waste: Philippine Organizations that Accept Plastic Donation

In the Philippines, initiatives to combat plastic pollution have been in place for a long time. More and more brands are joining initiatives like these brands we will be showing you, which aims to reduce the plastic footprint in communities. But, since it is nearly impossible to eliminate single-use packaging from our lives, it will be at least beneficial to convert them into something useful rather than discarding them immediately. 

Although it may take some time to reduce the use of single-use materials and packaging in our daily activities. Here are some environmental organizations that can turn your plastics into something good:

1. The Plastic Flamingo 

The Plastic Flamingo is a non-profit organization based in Manila that works to reduce marine plastic pollution. They want to collect and recycle plastic waste so that it doesn't end up in the oceans, knowing that a world without oceanic waste is possible. Of course, with a team effort! That being said, The Plaf accepts empty MAGWAI Reef-Safe Sunscreen tubes, helping you with your eco-friendly initiative as well.

2. The Plastic Solution 

This volunteer-led environmental movement based in Manila promotes the creation of eco-bricks from PET bottles, which can be used for modular furniture or even full-scale buildings.


3. Blastik or Balik Plastic Bottle Project

The Blastik Project is a program that educates communities about the importance of plastic waste management and recycling systems. It also teaches communities that their plastic waste has value and can even be used to generate income. With the PET plastic bottles collected, Blastik transforms them into everyday items such as tables, chairs, decorative wall hangings, and more.

With the staggering amount of plastic pollution in the ocean, a total cleanup might not be enough unless we completely eradicate the consumption of single-use plastics. However, these organizations, along with many others, are doing their best to make a dent in plastic pollution. Join us as we ensure a better and cleaner future for Filipinos by promoting zero-waste policies and supporting organizations with initiatives like this!