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8 Gift Ideas for Summer

Gift giving season runs all year for those with so much love to give. So we’ve gathered the best gift ideas to share with your loved ones and keep up with your sustainable lifestyle this summer!


These are some gifts for ones who love spending time at home. It’s always nice to share refreshments or home goods that will help spice up their home environment.

  1. Mother Nurture 7 in 1 coffee/choco mix
    Mother Nurture’s coffee or choco mix is the gift to share! Get cozy with your loved ones in the scorching heat with some iced drinks (or if you prefer hot drinks on a hot day, that works too!) You can never go wrong with coffee or choco refreshments while having a bit of quality time with your loved ones.
    Mother Nurture
  2. Soap dish and 3-piece sponge
    Make your sink area look more rustic and cozy with KALIMBAHIN’s soap dish and sponge set. Your home’s designated dishwasher would definitely appreciate the natural earth vibes. Made with natural coconut shell and coconut fiber by local artisans to replace your plastic containers at home.
    Dish and Sponge
  3. MAGWAI Travel Case
    If you’re the type to bring the house with you, this MAGWAI Travel Case is your best friend! This item is perfect to bring any type of soap, or smaller essentials.
  4. LOOP STORE - Cleaner with Lemon
    This is a life hack that’s good for your surfaces and your furry pets at home too!
    With a natural cleaner, you’ll be able to make your home smell like fresh citrus everyday and not have to worry about ruining your favorite furniture. Make sure not to use this on unglazed or untreated surfaces to avoid damage or corrosion.
    LOOP Store - Cleaner with Lemon

For the strong and independent individuals, here are some gifts for yourself that we think you definitely DESERVE!

  1. Ecowarrior Self-care bundle
    Treat your mind and body with relaxing scents and sensations. On especially tiring days, this gift is perfect for yourself or for a pamper day to share with your loved ones. Each item in the bundle is especially made to help you wind down after a hard day outside and energize you for the coming day.
    Ecowarrior - Self Care Bundle
  2. LA LOCAL All Bodies are Beach Bodies Tote Bag
    We’re all here for some self love and what better way than to wear that on your shoulders for everyone else to see too! The tote can fit your laptop plus essentials, so this could be the perfect tote for the work-from-anywhere buddies. The brand also advocates for mental health, so you’re wearing a tote that supports a good cause.
    10% of the total net profit will be donated to the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH).
    All Bodies are Beach Bodies Tote Bag


  1. NEKID Swimwear
    This one’s for the ladies, and they celebrate all sizes too! Nekid Swimwear has a variety of sizes that cater to all shapes! Nekid also has a diverse collection of designs perfect for any body type and comfort level. They will for sure bring your beach day even brighter with tons of suits and essentials to choose from!
    Nekid Swimwear
  2. WANDERSKYE Travel Organizers
    Travel much and travel light with Wanderskye’s travel organizers and essentials. We all have our own struggles trying to fit all our essentials in one carry-on, so WANDERSKYE’s organizers will help you fit everything you need, even if it's in a paper bag. Lessen your packing headaches with any organizer you fancy. You can find any pouch bag in any shape or size in their catalog to best suit your style. 
  3. MAGWAI Travel Bundle
    If you still don’t know where to start, especially now that summer is coming, start off with MAGWAI’s Travel Bundle! Create your own mix of MAGWAI’s Quick-drying Beach Towel, Reef-safe Sunscreen, Shampoo Bar, and Shampoo Bar Travel Dish with beautiful variants to choose from. Travel or get under the scorching heat of the summer with your family and loved ones without any worries!

  4. MAGWAI Gift Card
    WHEN IN DOUBT you can never go wrong with a gift card so your loved ones can get what their heart desires. Get MAGWAI’s 500 peso gift card, and watch your friends and family stock up on your favorite summer essentials.

Sending love should be every day so make sure to keep these gift ideas in mind the next time you and your friends shop for your summer essentials.