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Finding the Best Shampoo Bar for Your Hair Care Needs

Hair care often hands out a list of different products to buy that you can use to give your hair something extra, but don't be fooled. More bottles and more products doesn't mean better hair! Sometimes all you need is a few good tips and products that don't come with the plastic bottle.

Shampoo bars have been around far longer than its liquid counterpart, and were once a part of everyday hygiene. Although the cosmetics industry has led to some new breakthroughs for hair care, it's also led to a lot of confusion on what actually makes a good shampoo.

At MAGWAI, we believe the solution to great hair isn't just in a bottle. We challenge you to think outside the bottle and discover what shampoo bars can do to make your hair extra special.


Know what your hair needs

Is your hair thick or thin? Straight or wavy? Or is it everything in between? There are so many types of hair and it can be difficult pinning down what kind of hair we have. When it comes to shampoo bars, a good question to ask is what kind of problems your hair is prone to rather than just your hair characteristics. This can help pin down what kind of shampoo bar variant would suit your needs best and avoid tricky issues such as dandruff, hair fall, or dryness.

It's about the label, not the brand

It's important for you to read the labels to find out what exactly you're putting on your hair. Ingredients, certifications and other details can make a big difference on what's going to happen to your hair.

Keep it balanced

One of the things you need to watch out for is pH balance. Hair frizz and dryness is often caused by products that are too alkaline (above 7 on a PH meter). Unfortunately, a majority of shampoo brands have highly alkaline formulas that can damage your hair. Look out for "ph-balanced" products like MAGWAI Shampoo Bar - Moisture Care (65g) that protects the integrity of your hair while keeping it clean and fabulous.

Strive to be sulfate-free

Natural oil is vital for a healthy scalp and strong hair. Many products use sulfates to strip dirt and oil away from your scalp, but too much of this can also strip away the essential oils and natural moisture.

Avoid excessive heat

Aside from damage from products, excessive heat from styling can lead to cuticle and shaft damage in your hair. This leads to split ends, hair breakage, and frizz. It is one of the harder damages to reverse and recover from, so it's best to take extra care when styling your hair with heat.

Why are MAGWAI Shampoo Bars good for you?

Making the shift to a shampoo bar offers great insight on how you can upgrade your hair care and help save coral reefs. With a ton of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming finding a shampoo bar that suits your needs.

MAGWAI Shampoo Bars for sale are non-drying and FDA-certified for your hair and scalp. Different variants can help cater to your specific needs whether your hair is long, textured, or dandruff-prone. While this can be a hair-changing experience, one shampoo bar can lead to even greater change as a portion of the sales will also go on to support WWF Philippines' marine conservation programs.

Thinking outside the bottle has never been better.

Browse our collection of reef-safe products on our website and buy your own MAGWAI Shampoo Bars online!


Article by: Ricci Tagle

Visuals by: Briana Guingona